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OEM Style
TFS A460
Blue Tunder SCJ
SVO 460C/D/E
Pro-Filer A460
OHV Conversion

2 Valve

4 Valve

3 Valve
GT 5.4L
Cammer 5.0L
4.9 Bore Center
A441 / B441
5.0 Bore Center
Jon Kasse C441
2.0" Bolt Center
Stock / I302 / Y302
3.0" Bolt Center
Dart 351
J302 / Alan Root
TFS Hi-Port
2.5" Bolt Center
Edelbrock #7721
2.75" Bolt Center
N/R/S351 - N352
Brodix Track 1
No applications currently available
SAP counterbored
Round counterbored Oversized
SAP counterbored Oversized
Normally we recommend slipping the primary tube through the flange and weld it to the head side of the flange allowing the thickness of the flange to reduce the sheer load on the weld. On some applications counterboring is only the way to utillize an oversize tube with the available sealing surface on the head. The flanges are machined .150" deep to support the tube and allow the tube to be welded to the inside of the flange.
Many aftermarket heads are advertised as Raised Exhaust Ports. In most cases the ports and bolt pattern are shifted higher together. We refer to a design as "Raised Port " when it is revised with the exhaust ports shifted higher on the bolt pattern (as shown in the illustration above.
Duratec 2.0-2.3L
SPD Precision CNC Machined Flanges are available 3/8 or 1/2 inch thick in 1018 cold rolled steel or 304 stainless steel.
(Other thicknesses and materials can be special ordered).
Use the application buttons on the left to find the correct bolt pattern for your heads. Then use the associated link download the PDF with all of the flanges available with that specific bolt pattern.

In an effort to keep up with cyl. head manufacturers and CNC porting services, we are continually adding new appication to our line of flanges. If you don't find what your looking for give us a call or send us a rubbing.